Tuesday, October 15, 2013



Joann says, "I've been painting porcelain for over 20 years.
Besides being a porcelain artist, I am a dabbler in crafty things.
I am a decorative painter (primarily wood and glass), jewelry maker
(recycling old into new) and most recently a card maker."
Joann also paints soap...love the happy snowmen bars pictured below!


Joann is a busy gal...as evidenced by the following links!
Two Etsy shops and a blog! 
It's a wonder she finds time to create!!

Visit these links to see more.
Etsy Shop - Artful Purpose (25% off sales from this shop go to charity)
Joann's Blog

Remember ~
Many of these items...and much more...will be available

on November 1st & 2nd.
More info about the show and the women behind it will be coming soon.
Stay tuned!!


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